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streamlabs command list

If possible, try to stick to only ONE chatbot tool. Otherwise, you will end up duplicating your commands or messing up your channel currency. Demonstrated commands take recourse of $readapi function. Shoutout — You or your moderators can use the shoutout command to offer a shoutout to other streamers you care about.

As a streamer you tend to talk in your local time and date, however, your viewers can be from all around the world. When talking about an upcoming event it is useful to have a date command so users can see your local date. An 8Ball command adds some fun and interaction to the stream. With the command enabled viewers can ask a question and receive a response from the 8Ball. You will need to have Streamlabs read a text file with the command.

Feature commands can add functionality to the chat to help encourage engagement. Other commands provide useful information to the viewers and help promote the streamer’s content without manual effort. Both types of commands are useful for any growing streamer.

This returns a numerical value representing how many followers you currently have. This lists the top 10 users who have the most points/currency. A user can be tagged in a command response by including $username or $targetname. The $username option will tag the user that activated the command, whereas $targetname will tag a user that was mentioned when activating the command. Viewers can use the next song command to find out what requested song will play next. Like the current song command, you can also include who the song was requested by in the response.

Shoutout Command

If you choose to activate Streamlabs points on your channel, you can moderate them from the CURRENCY menu. If a command is set to Chat the bot will simply reply directly in chat where everyone can see the response. If it is set to Whisper the bot will instead DM the user the response. The Whisper option is only available for Twitch & Mixer at this time. Similar to the above one, these commands also make use of Ankhbot’s $readapi function, however, these commands are exhibited for other services, not for Twitch.

streamlabs command list

Uptime commands are common as a way to show how long the stream has been live. It is useful for viewers that come into a stream mid-way. Uptime commands are also recommended for 24-hour streams and subathons to show the progress. I would recommend adding UNIQUE rewards, as well as a cost for redeeming SFX, mini games, or giveaway tickets, to keep people engaged.

Luci is a novelist, freelance writer, and active blogger. A journalist at heart, she loves nothing more than interviewing the outliers of the gaming community who are blazing a trail with entertaining original content. When she’s not penning an article, coffee in hand, she can be found gearing her shieldmaiden or playing with her son at the beach. Adding currency to your channel may not be worth it now that Twitch has introduced “channel points,” with rewards that can be claimed directly through its interface. You have to find a viable solution for Streamlabs currency and Twitch channel points to work together. Choose what makes a viewer a “regular” from the Currency tab, by checking the “Automatically become a regular at” option and choosing the conditions.


Sometimes a streamer will ask you to keep track of the number of times they do something on stream. The streamer will name the counter and you will use that to keep track. Here’s how you would keep track of a counter with the command ! Twitch now offers an integrated poll feature that makes it soooo much easier for viewers to get involved.

It is best to create Streamlabs chatbot commands that suit the streamer, customizing them to match the brand and style of the stream. The cost settings work in tandem with our Loyalty System, a system that allows your viewers to gain points by watching your stream. They can spend these point on items you include in your Loyalty Store or custom commands that you have created.

This enables one user to give a specified currency amount to another user. Next, head to your Twitch channel and mod Streamlabs by typing /mod Streamlabs in the chat.

The VS Code Windows and Linux installations should have installed VS Code on your path. If code is still not found, consult the platform-specific setup topics for Windows and Linux. For both files and folders, you can use absolute or relative paths. Relative paths are relative to the current directory of the command prompt where you run code. Windows and Linux installations should add the VS Code binaries location to your system path. If this isn’t the case, you can manually add the location to the Path environment variable ($PATH on Linux).

That means you can have a separate user data directory for development,

with its own profile subdirectories. Creating a new user data directory makes

Chrome behave as if it had been freshly installed, which can be helpful for

debugging profile-related issues. More precisely, a Chrome client corresponds to an individual

user data directory.

streamlabs command list

Learn more about the various functions of Cloudbot by visiting our YouTube, where we have an entire Cloudbot tutorial playlist dedicated to helping you. Now click “Add Command,” and an option to add your commands will appear. Having said all that, if you’re a web developer who needs to try out new technology—or just a

curious geek—then getting to know Chrome flags can be really worthwhile. If you’re an enterprise IT administrator, you shouldn’t use Chrome flags in production.

A betting system can be a fun way to pass the time and engage a small chat, but I believe it adds unnecessary spam to a larger chat. It’s great to have all of your stuff managed through a single tool. The only thing that Streamlabs CAN’T do, is find a song only by its name. This is useful for when you want to keep chat a bit cleaner and not have it filled with bot responses. If you aren’t very familiar with bots yet or what commands are commonly used, we’ve got you covered.

Regular will connect you through Port 80 while secure will go through Port 443. You click on connect and both should immediately connect to chat. If a pop-up displays that the token doesn’t belong to the twitch account, then something went wrong along the way. Gloss +m $mychannel has now suffered $count losses in the gulag. This returns all channels that are currently hosting your channel (if you’re a large streamer, use with caution).

The following commands are to be used for specific games to retrieve information such as player statistics. This gives a specified amount of points to all users currently in chat. This displays your latest tweet in your chat and requests users to retweet it. This only works if your Twitch name and Twitter name are the same.

Launching from command line

To get an overview of the VS Code command-line interface, open a terminal or command prompt and type code –help. You will see the version, usage example, and list of command line options. Visual Studio Code has a powerful command-line interface built-in that lets you control how you launch the editor. You can open files, install extensions, change the display language, and output diagnostics through command-line options (switches). If one person were to use the command it would go on cooldown for them but other users would be unaffected. This provides an easy way to give a shout out to a specified target by providing a link to their channel in your chat.

We have included an optional line at the end to let viewers know what game the streamer was playing last. Don’t forget to check out our entire list of cloudbot variables. Wins $mychannel has won $checkcount(!addwin) games today. In part two we will be discussing some of the advanced settings for the custom commands available in Streamlabs Cloudbot. If you want to learn the basics about using commands be sure to check out part one here. The following commands take use of AnkhBot’s ”$readapi” function.

Chrome flags are a way to activate browser features that are not available by default. Activate additional debugging tools, or try out new or experimental features. When VS Code starts up, it may launch a shell in order to source the “shell environment” to help set up tools. This will launch an interactive login shell and fetch its environment. Depending on your shell setup, this may cause problems. Your OS cannot find the VS Code binary code on its path.

Cloudbot from Streamlabs is a chatbot that adds entertainment and moderation features for your live stream. It automates tasks like announcing streamlabs command list new followers and subs and can send messages of appreciation to your viewers. Cloudbot is easy to set up and use, and it’s completely free.

This command will help to list the top 5 users who spent the maximum hours in the stream. Chrome settings and Chrome flags serve different purposes. There are hundreds of other flags for activating, deactivating and

configuring less well-known features. Most Chrome users will never need to use Chrome flags.

If you are looking for how to run command-line tools inside VS Code, see the Integrated Terminal. Poonam Singh is a senior technical writer and content strategist at Infoxen Technologies. She treasures her idle time by keeping herself well read about dominant web technologies & their implementation. She’s passionate and enthusiastic to write on a multitude of technology domains for startups and continuously evolving enterprises.

Set up rewards for your viewers to claim with their loyalty points. The Reply In setting allows you to change the way the bot responds. Custom commands help you provide useful information to your community without having to constantly repeat yourself, so you can focus on engaging with your audience.

The added viewer is particularly important for smaller streamers and sharing your appreciation is always recommended. If you are a larger streamer you may want to skip the lurk command to prevent spam in your chat. While there are mod commands on Twitch, having additional features can make a stream run more smoothly and help the broadcaster interact with their viewers. We hope that this list will help you make a bigger impact on your viewers. Some commands are easy to set-up, while others are more advanced. We will walk you through all the steps of setting up your chatbot commands.

When streaming it is likely that you get viewers from all around the world. A time command can be helpful to let your viewers know what your local time is. As a streamer, you always want to be building a community. Having a public Discord server for your brand is recommended as a meeting place for all your viewers. Having a Discord command will allow viewers to receive an invite link sent to them in chat.

With a chatbot tool you can manage and activate anything from regular commands, to timers, roles, currency systems, mini-games and more. Chatbots can really make a large online gathering a lot smoother to manage. You’re going to get some bad apples on a public forum. However, the StreamLabs chatbot commands list can help add extra security to your platform. Shoutout commands allow moderators to link another streamer’s channel in the chat. Typically shoutout commands are used as a way to thank somebody for raiding the stream.

In my opinion, the Streamlabs poll feature has become redundant and streamers should remove it completely from their dashboard. Once it expires, entries will automatically close and you must choose a winner from the list of participants, available on the left side of the screen. Chat commands and info will be automatically be shared in your stream. This command runs to give a specific amount of points to all the users belonging to a current chat. This will display the song information, direct link, and the requester names for both the current as well as a queued song on YouTube. This command will return the time-duration of the stream and will return offline if the stream is not live.

  • Discord and add a keyword for discord and whenever this is mentioned the bot would immediately reply and give out the relevant information.
  • Cloudbot is easy to set up and use, and it’s completely free.
  • When streaming it is likely that you get viewers from all around the world.
  • This post will cover a list of the Streamlabs commands that are most commonly used to make it easier for mods to grab the information they need.

And 4) Cross Clip, the easiest way to convert Twitch clips to videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Do this by adding a custom command and using the template called ! To add custom commands, visit the Commands section in the Cloudbot dashboard. If you run Chrome from the command line, you can set the user data directory

with the –user-data-dir flag. If you do set Chrome flags, you need to be careful. Adding a chat bot to your Twitch or YouTube live stream is a great way to give your viewers a way to engage with the stream.

The Visual Studio Code Remote – Tunnels extension lets you connect to a remote machine, like a desktop PC or VM, via a secure tunnel. Tunneling securely transmits data from one network to another. You can then securely connect to that machine from anywhere, Chat GPT without the requirement of SSH. VS Code integrates with other remote environments to become even more powerful and flexible. Our goal is to provide a cohesive experience that allows you to manage both local and remote machines from one, unified CLI.

Once you have done that, it’s time to create your first command. In this new series, we’ll take you through some of the most useful features available for Streamlabs Cloudbot. We’ll walk you through how to use them, and show you the benefits.

You might want to

take a look at enterprise policies instead. VS Code has an Integrated Terminal where you can run command-line tools from within VS Code. As you may need to run the CLI on a remote machine that can’t install VS Code Desktop, the CLI is also available for standalone install on the VS Code download page. If you specify more than one folder at the command line, VS Code will create a Multi-root Workspace including each folder. If you specify more than one file at the command line, VS Code will open only a single instance.

The following commands take use of AnkhBot’s ”$readapi” function the same way as above, however these are for other services than Twitch. This grabs the last 3 users that followed your channel and displays them in chat. This lists the top 5 users who have spent the most time, based on hours, in the stream. This returns the duration of time that the stream has been live. Not everyone knows where to look on a Twitch channel to see how many followers a streamer has and it doesn’t show next to your stream while you’re live.

The biggest difference is that your viewers don’t need to use an exclamation mark to trigger the response. All they have to do is say the keyword, and the response will appear in chat. Whenever VS Code launches this initial shell, VS Code sets the variable VSCODE_RESOLVING_ENVIRONMENT to 1. If your shell or user scripts need to know if they are being run in the context of this shell, you can check the VSCODE_RESOLVING_ENVIRONMENT value. You may connect to this machine through a web or desktop VS Code client.

Streamlabs chatbot will tag both users in the response. Again, depending on your chat size, you may consider adding a few mini games. Some of the mini-games are a super fun way for viewers to get more points ! You can add a cooldown of an hour or more to prevent viewers from abusing the command. Like many other song request features, Streamlabs’s SR function allows viewers to curate your song playlist through the bot.

Streamlabs Chatbot allows viewers to register for a giveaway free, or by using currency points to pay the cost of a ticket. They can be used to automatically promote or raise awareness about your social profiles, schedule, sponsors, merch store, and important information about on-going events. This will display all the channels that are currently hosting your channel. This will return the latest tweet in your chat as well as request your users to retweet the same. Make sure your Twitch name and twitter name should be the same to perform so.

Cheers, for example, will activate the sound effect. Followage, this is a commonly used command to display the amount of time someone has followed a channel for. Variables are pieces of text that get replaced with data coming from chat or from the streaming service that you’re using. It comes with a bunch of commonly used commands such as !

If you’re looking to implement those kinds of commands on your channel, here are a few of the most-used ones that will help you get started. Similar to a hug command, the slap command one viewer to slap another. The slap command can be set up with a random variable that will input an item to be used for the slapping. This post will cover a list of the Streamlabs commands that are most commonly used to make it easier for mods to grab the information they need. If you want to take your Stream to the next level you can start using advanced commands using your own scripts.

This returns the date and time of when a specified Twitch account was created. This returns the date and time of which the user of the command followed your channel. Sometimes, viewers want to know exactly when they started following a streamer or show off how long they’ve been following the streamer in chat. Watch time commands allow your viewers to see how long they have been watching the stream. It is a fun way for viewers to interact with the stream and show their support, even if they’re lurking.

Promoting your other social media accounts is a great way to build your streaming community. Your stream viewers are likely to also be interested in the content that you post on other sites. You can have the response either show just the username of that social or contain a direct link to your profile. Streamlabs chatbot allows you to create custom commands to help improve chat engagement and provide information to viewers.


Today we are kicking it off with a tutorial for Commands and Variables. This command will demonstrate all BTTV emotes for your channel. This will give an easy way to shoutout to a specific target by providing a link to their channel. This will return the number of followers you have currently. Hugs — This command is just a wholesome way to give you or your viewers a chance to show some love in your community.

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Streamlabs Commands Guide ᐈ Make Your Stream Better.

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Timers are commands that are periodically set off without being activated. You can use timers to promote the most useful commands. Typically social accounts, Discord links, and new videos are promoted using the timer feature. Before creating timers you can link timers to commands via the settings.

This will display the last three users that followed your channel. To list the top 5 users having most points or currency. To begin so, and to execute such commands, you may require a multitude of external APIs as it may not work out to execute these commands merely with the bot.

  • By comparison, Chrome flags allow

    individual users to activate or deactivate an experimental feature, on all websites they visit.

  • Demonstrated commands take recourse of $readapi function.
  • This command will help to list the top 5 users who spent the maximum hours in the stream.
  • Poonam Singh is a senior technical writer and content strategist at Infoxen Technologies.

Basically it echoes the text of any API query to Twitch chat. Some of these commands have optional parameters that can help you customize your query results which I have noted for each command – be sure to play around with those. You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. These commands show the song information, direct link, and requester of both the current song and the next queued song. Oftentimes, those commands are personal to the content creator, answering questions about the streamer’s setup or the progress that they’ve made in a specific game.

streamlabs command list

I am looking for a command that allows me to see all channel’s commands. If you wanted the bot to respond with a link to your discord server, for example, you could set the command to ! Discord and add a keyword for discord and whenever this is mentioned the bot would immediately reply and give out the relevant information. This retrieves and displays all information relative to the stream, including the game title, the status, the uptime, and the amount of current viewers.

Add custom commands and utilize the template listed as ! Features undergoing an origin trial are activated on all pages that provide a valid token for that

trial. This allows website owners to activate an experimental feature for all their users, without

requiring users to change browser settings or set flags. By comparison, Chrome flags allow

individual users to activate or deactivate an experimental feature, on all websites they visit. Getting started with Chrome’s origin trials

provides more detail. A hug command will allow a viewer to give a virtual hug to either a random viewer or a user of their choice.

Using this command will return the local time of the streamer. All you need to simply log in to any of the above streaming platforms. It automatically optimizes all of your personalized settings to go live. This streaming tool is gaining popularity because of its rollicking experience. Using this amazing tool requires no initiation charges, but, when you go with a prime plan, you will be charged in a monthly cycle. Streamlabs Chatbot is developed to enable streamers to enhance the users’ experience with rich imbibed functionality.

The feature was made available behind a flag, so any user could try it out and give feedback. The code

and design were tested and polished based on the feedback, so now you can use picture-in-picture by

default in Chrome—and it works really well. If the profile specified does not exist, a new empty profile with the given name is created. Once you’ve made an account for the bot, you have to go to connections from the left corner of the screen and click on the bot or streamer of your choice. The Global Cooldown means everyone in the chat has to wait a certain amount of time before they can use that command again. If the value is set to higher than 0 seconds it will prevent the command from being used again until the cooldown period has passed.